Portia Tau-Sekati

CEO The Property Sector Charter Council


She is currently the Consultant CEO of The Property Sector Charter Council, the organisation that is entrusted with developing the strategy and Programs that become an enabler for the stakeholders of the property sector to achieve transformation in the Property Sector.

Portia has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing and lobbying government.

She has also gained reputation in the market as an expert on issues of transformation in particular in the Property sector.

She has led and facilitated the discussions on transformation targets with the major stakeholders and aligned property sector requirements to BBBEE Codes of Good Practice.

Portia also currently convenes all the 12 sector codes in south Africa that drive transformation.

She one part of the sub-committee of first Presidential BBBEE advisory council

Portia is also as lectures at Unisa SBL and UCT Graduate School of business and UJ on BBBEE and transformation.

She is in the process of writing a book.

She has won numerous awards (11 awards to-date) and many more acknowledgements:

She holds membership and serves in several boards including the listed sector

She has addressed a number of forums, conferences and media across the spectrum talking about BBBEE but most passionately about the transformation in general and specifically in the Property sector.