Guest Speakers

We have specifically selected these speakers to impart their expertise and experiences, within the hospitality sector, to assist in stimulating growth within the tourism sector.

It was so famously said by Benjamin Franklin - "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." 

THINC Africa speakers will teach and involve you in what it takes to be successful on the African continent and you will leave the conference with something or someone that you did not know when you first arrived.

  • Aina Raveloson photo

    Aina Raveloson
    Group Development Director TALYS

  • Alexis Janoray photo

    Alexis Janoray
    Vice President Head of Development Africa Accor Hotels

  • Bernard Forster photo

    Bernard Forster
    Chief Asset Management & Risk Officer - Sun Resorts

  • Dexter Moren photo

    Dexter Moren
    Founding Director Dexter Moren Associates

  • Laura Dutrieux photo

    Laura Dutrieux
    Junior Consultant HVS Africa

  • Rishabh Thapar photo

    Rishabh Thapar
    Director HVS Africa

  • Roger A Allen photo

    Roger A Allen
    Group Chief Executive Officer - Leisure Assets

  • Sabine Lehmann photo

    Sabine Lehmann
    Founder and CEO of CURIOSITAS

  • Tim Smith photo

    Tim Smith
    Managing Partner HVS Africa

  • Zinon Marinakos photo

    Zinon Marinakos
    MD Africa DSA Architects International