Guest Speakers

We have specifically selected these speakers to impart their expertise and experiences, within the hospitality sector, to assist in stimulating growth within the tourism sector.

It was so famously said by Benjamin Franklin - "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." 

THINC Africa speakers will teach and involve you in what it takes to be successful on the African continent and you will leave the conference with something or someone that you did not know when you first arrived.

  • Abilgail Mbalo photo

    Abilgail Mbalo
    Founder and Creative Director of 4Roomed eKasi Culture

  • Achim Schmitt photo

    Achim Schmitt
    PHD HDR - Associate Dean of Graduate Studies – Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

  • Alexis Janoray photo

    Alexis Janoray
    Vice President Head of Development Africa AccorHotels.

  • Andrew McLachlan photo

    Andrew McLachlan
    Senior Vice President, Business Development, Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Anthony Ossai photo

    Anthony Ossai
    Chief Executive Officer, Hometel Developers

  • Barry Coetzee photo

    Barry Coetzee
    CEO - iVeri Payment Technologies

  • Brendan Murray photo

    Brendan Murray
    Professional Standup Comedian

  • Bruce Walker photo

    Bruce Walker
    CEO - Verde Hotels

  • Catherine Gachie photo

    Catherine Gachie
    Business Development East Africa, HVS

  • Cyril Jacob photo

    Cyril Jacob
    Managing Director, ASCENTIS

  • Dale Simpson photo

    Dale Simpson
    Curator - Radisson Red

  • David Cohen photo

    David Cohen
    Managing Director - Signatura

  • Derek Martin photo

    Derek Martin
    TrevPAR World Founder

  • Dexter Moren photo

    Dexter Moren
    Founding Director - Dexter Moren Associates

  • Erwan Garnier photo

    Erwan Garnier
    Director, Business Development, Sub-Sahara - The Radisson Hotel Group

  • Evert Lategan photo

    Evert Lategan
    Managing Director Integrated Solutions

  • Gary Koetser photo

    Gary Koetser
    Joint CEO, Century City Conference Centre & Hotel

  • Glynn O'Leary photo

    Glynn O'Leary
    Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Transfrontier Parks Destinations

  • Graham Wood photo

    Graham Wood
    Chairperson of Tourism Grading Council

  • Guy Stehlik photo

    Guy Stehlik
    CEO and Founder of BON Hotels

  • Gyrieyah Slemming photo

    Gyrieyah Slemming
    Director - Think Tank Synergy

  • Hala  Matar Choufany photo

    Hala Matar Choufany
    President HVS Middle East, India & Africa

  • James Vos photo

    James Vos
    Shadow Minister of Tourism

  • Jeff Rosenberg photo

    Jeff Rosenberg
    Chairperson, FEDHASA

  • Joe Bester photo

    Joe Bester
    Private Equity Portfolio Manager - Fairtree Capital

  • John Rabie photo

    John Rabie
    Founder - Rabie Property Group and Signatura

  • John  Chapman photo

    John Chapman
    Director, Rabie Property Group

  • John Watson photo

    John Watson
    Regional Director for Africa, Preferred Hotels & Resorts

  • Karl de Lacy photo

    Karl de Lacy
    Business Development - Best Western Hotel & Resorts

  • Kim Whitaker photo

    Kim Whitaker
    CEO – Once Youth Hotels

  • Laura Dutrieux photo

    Laura Dutrieux
    Junior Consultant HVS Africa

  • Lee-Anne Singer photo

    Lee-Anne Singer
    Marketing Director – Singer Group

  • Lufefe  Nomjana photo

    Lufefe Nomjana
    Founder & CEO of Spinach King

  • Luis  Pinheiro photo

    Luis Pinheiro
    General Manager, The Silo Hotel

  • Marc Wachsberger photo

    Marc Wachsberger
    Managing Director - The Capital Hotels & Apartments

  • Mark Wernich photo

    Mark Wernich
    General Manager, Taj Cape Town

  • Michael Bromley photo

    Michael Bromley
    Director - STBB

  • Mike  Collini photo

    Mike Collini
    Vice President Development - Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Moseketsi  Mpeta photo

    Moseketsi Mpeta
    Head of Light Manufacturing, Industrial Development Corporation

  • Mungo Park photo

    Mungo Park
    Senior Key Account Director - Sub Saharan Africa

  • Ntokozo Luvuno photo

    Ntokozo Luvuno
    Director - Mzasi Tourism Experience

  • Patricia de Lille photo

    Patricia de Lille
    Executive Mayor of Cape Town

  • Paul  Blackmore photo

    Paul Blackmore
    Senior Director of Architecture, Design and Construction of Sub Saharan Africa

  • Philip Taylor photo

    Philip Taylor
    Director Hospitality Plus

  • Philip Wooller photo

    Philip Wooller
    Area Director- Middle East and Africa

  • Philip Meyer photo

    Philip Meyer

  • Rehana Boolay photo

    Rehana Boolay
    Investment Promotions Manager: Special Projects

  • Rishabh Thapar photo

    Rishabh Thapar
    Director HVS Africa

  • Ronleigh Gaddin photo

    Ronleigh Gaddin
    Chief Executive Officer AMANI Spas

  • Simone Kuhn photo

    Simone Kuhn
    Manager, Business Development, sub Saharan Africa - Radisson Hotel Group

  • Sisa Ntshona photo

    Sisa Ntshona
    CEO - South African Tourism

  • Siviwe de Beer photo

    Siviwe de Beer
    Management Program Participant - 12 Apostles

  • Siyabulela Siyaka  photo

    Siyabulela Siyaka
    Founder Ubizo Tours

  • Stephen Rushmore Jr Rushmore Jr photo

    Stephen Rushmore Jr Rushmore Jr
    President and CEO HVS

  • Talya French photo

    Talya French
    Manager of Hotel Development - Marriott International

  • Tanya Kabalin photo

    Tanya Kabalin
    Founder & Director Olakira

  • Tim Harris photo

    Tim Harris
    CEO Wesgro

  • Tim Smith photo

    Tim Smith
    Managing Partner HVS Africa

  • Tony Leca photo

    Tony Leca
    CEO of Ethnic Technologies

  • Valerie De Corte photo

    Valerie De Corte
    Alumni and Industry Relations Director, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL)

  • Volker Heiden photo

    Volker Heiden
    Area Vice President – Protea Hotels

  • Wesam Okasha photo

    Wesam Okasha
    Senior Director Development Hilton West Africa

  • William McIntyre photo

    William McIntyre
    Regional Director, Africa

  • Zinon Marinakos photo

    Zinon Marinakos
    Managing Director, DSA Africa